June 26, 2017

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Monday greetings 🙂  An old friend of mine was given tickets to the big annual Quilt Show at the fairgrounds, so we went on Saturday and had a blast. It’s a huge, judged show and the variety and workmanship was impressive. I was surprised that the newer quilts were all machine quilted, save a bit of hand stitched appliqué’, but there were some beautiful quilts from the mid to late 1880’s…. with vibrant colors. As we know the sun bleaches out so many fabrics over time, so to see such colors in something so old was pretty...

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June 19, 2017

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Good Monday morning to you! It was a good week, lovely weather. The weekend was town wide yard sale day, so a friend and I headed out and hit the ones we could…. always fun! While waiting for a restaurant to open, we spent time in a book store and on the sale rack I found this: With all the patterns on Ravelry, it’s rare that I purchase any knitting book, but at $8.00 I couldn’t pass it up. Pretty knits! Our knit group is knitting today instead of our usual Tuesday so I’ll bring it to show. Show & tell 😉 In...

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June 12, and wow is it hot…

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  Well there’s no doubt that warm is upon us now… it hit 90 yesterday and looks like the same for today. It was a good and productive week for me. I’d thought I’d find time to sew over the weekend but didn’t. Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day and Nido, along with Must Love Yarn, hosted a get together at one of Burlington’s parks. Rain was expected so we were all glad when it moved along and made way for sunshine. Betsy and I both worked on our Samen shawls, the shawls we started at the workshop. That’s one of the many things I...

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June 5, 2017

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Well it’s been awhile! On a personal note, this past year has been challenging for me on many levels and I feel drained… but am slowly getting myself back. My health is great and I’m back with regular twice weekly yoga classes, and my home practice. This Spring has been so wet and cold and the gardens are a bit late getting in. That said, the first of the rhubarb went into a simple yet delicious strawberry-rhubarb crumb and I enjoyed ALL of it (over a few days of course). Stephen West was in town at Nido  in Burlington, and I went with two...

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February 12, 2017

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Well it’s been awhile hasn’t it! All things in their time…. As I type we’re getting an Nor’easter, and what a storm it is! True to its name the snow is falling hard and steady. A good day indeed to make a list and get through it. Playing outside is on my list for sure, so before too long I’ll don my snowshoes and will explore! I love being out in our storms. Yes they’re both loves and bundles of joy 😉  Foster has already grown out the first two hats I made him, but here’s the latest for him to...

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November 20, 2016 First snow

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Life has been good and it’s good to be here. I welcome in this damp and rainy Sunday. The fire is roaring, beautiful classic music is playing and I think I’ll do some yoga after this. I might work and I might not… it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good long sit of knitting. It seems lately that I get to it for brief bursts, but would love to make some further progress today. Due to the severe case of ‘startitis’ I’ve had, there are many projects to choose from (oh how I love that!) Another one of my favorite yarn shops is closing, drat!...

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October 27, 2016

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On September 22nd I became a grandmother! And on October 3rd my older son turned 30, amazing! Yesterday someone asked me how I felt about about it and my answer was, grateful. Oh he is a treasure that little one!!! All are tired and well… and tired. My treatments are over and I feel great. Radiation was a piece of cake… my skin was unscathed and my energy level was … normal? I was told it could tire me out, but at the end of the day aren’t we all just tired anyway? I couldn’t tell a difference, and feel working with a...

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A few weeks back, and idea popped into my head. I ‘saw’ this image for handles, spoke with my leather guy and here’s the prototype. I’m very pleased as it offers another option/look/feel. These straps are 3/4” wide, very firm and are attached with rivets. I see these straps on a small, medium and large split top tote and the pocket will run the width of the back with a snap closure in the center. These were put on for me, so I could see if I liked them…… and I do, very much. They won’t replace the straps I currently use, they are in...

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And in to Fall we go

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Well life is moving right along, which it does. The days are so obviously shorter and boy, do I love the cooler temperatures. So far though September has been warm but the evening temperature is the reminder of cooler days to come. I feel great and radiation is more like an errand at this point! I have a 40 minute drive one way, radiation lasts 5 or so minutes, then it’s back home. Many of my appointments are early morning so I get home by the time I normally am ready to get going with my day. I feel no effects from the radiation,...

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Wrapping up August

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  It’s been a fun flurry of finishing up some wip’s  so I could get to this monkey! With the two items that went to the fair, and the baby hat (still no pics!) I couldn’t wait to get to this monkey. Not sure if any of you participate in the Ravellenic Games over on Ravelry, but this year I signed up for the ‘toy toss’ category. I had the body done before finishing the other projects, and did have one leg, both eyes and the muzzle completed, but had a lot of work to get it finished, photographed and posted...

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