November 14

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Just a short one this week….. Friday night I was lucky enough to baby sit and boy did we have fun. We ate, read, played and roared like dinosaurs! Foster is walking now and I had a full two hours with him before bedtime. What a fantastic job they’ve done as he settles beautifully and is asleep in moments. Saturday I felt like a day out so took a drive up over the mountains to some craft shows and antique shops. I picked up some Christmas gifts and yes….. vintage buttons! With the dark settling in so quickly now, I was lucky...

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November 6, 2017

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Even though most of the leaves have dropped and the days are growing ever shorter, there’s still the muted color of fading leaves that is subtle and so pretty. I find my schedule shifting as I tend to be higher energy in the afternoon as in working on bags, getting out to walk etc… but in my highest energy time, it’s now dark! So I’m shifting to more of an early to bed, early to rise schedule…. which works well until the night owl in me wakes up 😉  But over the weekend I was able to work and walk and get through...

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Noste’ & Darning eggs….. October 30

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Most of the week was catching up from time away at Rhinebeck! I had a shed to clean out and much to do to that’s unrelated to the business of bag making. But the winter clothes are out as are my boots and woolens. Sometimes there’s just a lot to do in ‘normal life and living’ that making the bags just has to wait. And I was tired… Rhinebeck was great fun and it was tiring. So it was a week that felt like catch up. Woody has been busy making his tops and supplying us all with his beautiful noste’.  I did see some at Rhinebeck...

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Rhinebeck 2017

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Betsy and I had gorgeous weather and a great time at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. We arrived in town on Friday and made it in time to jam ourselves into each other like sardines at the indie untangled trunk show!   The next morning we arrived just after opening and followed the steady procession in. It goes without saying we made a full day of it! There was such beautiful knitting everywhere, we do love out craft don’t we…. Here’s a bit of what caught my eye.. I came home with two sweater’s worth of...

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October 16, 2017

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Bright red on a rainy day last week, there are way more leaves on the ground now. We had such a sweet run of warm days but today it cooled right down and a frost is expected. I still had tomatoes on the vine, so brought them in this afternoon along with basil and lemon thyme. All remaining plants that had spent the summer out came in for the winter and have found their places inside. Ontheround had a seconds sale on the 5th and I was lucky (and fast 😉  enough to grab three skeins of ‘after the storm’ in Everyday Fingering....

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Bringing in October….

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Yes I’m still getting tomatoes! All squash has been picked but I’m holding out with the tomatoes. There have been mornings with frost but not in my area. If I do have green tomatoes when a frost hits, I’ll pick them for a green tomato chutney or relish. I didn’t post last week as I was in Maine visiting my sister and her new hip 🙂 She’s a tough one and is healing well, it’s always good to see her, and Maine. Yesterday Betsy and I went to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival! The day started out foggy but...

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September 18, 2017

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  Last week simply got away from me! Good morning and it’s another morning of lifting fog… Mitten knitting continues and now I have three pair going. One I started yesterday afternoon for Foster. I was hoping to find Norwegian Baby Ull, but none of the local yarn shops around here carry it. There may be some in my stash but they aren’t the colors I was hoping for. So I decided on Heritage sock yarn from Cascade in a pretty green tweed.   I’m knitting mittens so tiny that thumb or no thumb is the question. But over a year old I...

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September 5

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Wow, September! Well it’s really starting to feel that way with the temperatures cool at night and the very obviously shorter days. I find myself shifting my time to be sure to get my walk in. Yesterday I walked to the lake and took some time to sit and knit and enjoy the breezy afternoon. In-between work and walking, I wound this pretty yarn! It’s from Tanis Fiber Arts, one of my favorites…. and a one skein wonder I couldn’t resist. So I cast on mittens yesterday… It was a good weekend. I met up with friends for...

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Wrapping up August….

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Yesterday’s batch of pickles looks so pretty in the kitchen! Okay so I did add red pepper this time. I thought anything pickled is tasty and the color is nice. Hopefully they’ll be as good as the last batch! So.. summer squash, red pepper, cauliflower and onions. I did three pint jars and 6 1/2 pints, and love my new half pint jars! My tomatoes are doing well as are the herbs…. like really well, and more squash is on its way.. There was such a great storm the other day…. since then it’s been a run of gorgeous...

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August 21…. eclipse day!

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My first tomatoes and I’m thrilled! Had my first tomato sandwich yesterday and loved every bite. Summer squash is everywhere so today it’s sweet pickle time! Canning is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait for some more. I started yet another baby fruit hat for a friend’s  granddaughter…. this time, a blueberry! Such a fun knit, and although I’m a wool gal, not everyone is and there is a place for acrylics! A few of the gals in knit group have purchased this set of interchangables and I’ve...

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